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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Blueberry Cheese Tartlets - So Berry Yummy!

A very popular finger food served at parties is the B.C.T. - blueberry cheese tartlets. Why is it so popular?

1. It comes in bite sizes which makes it easy to munch on while having a chat.
2. The contrasting colours of the cheese and the jam make it look so good! You may even get a pretty heart-shaped pattern of jam.
3. The combination of a lil' savoury taste of the cheese with the sweet jam makes it the perfect finger food combo for any occasion.
4. They look so good when arranged nicely on tier trays! ;)

The blueberry cheese tartlets are one of our most commonly ordered finger food items! Order today and try one for yourself!

Up Next: Easter Egg Cookie, it is oh, so pretty!

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