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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Perfect Christmas Duo

The answer to our earlier post 's question is none other than the Christmas Turkey!

This savoury Christmas dish completes the culinary experience by balancing the sweet taste of the Yule Log and hence, they make the Perfect Christmas Duo.

Our 4kg Christmas Turkey comes with a stuffing (chestnut/prune) and a sauce (cranberry/black pepper/brown) of your choice. And because we love this Perfect Christmas Duo so much, we will be having the Christmas Duo promotion until 31st December 2013.

25% discount on the Christmas Turkey when it is ordered with a Yule Log. Don't miss out!
P/S: 4 days notice in advance required for turkey order.

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B.C.T. - one of the most commonly ordered finger food globally. We make them in cute bite sizes! Remember to follow our blog to see what it is!

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